Specialist Accountant to the Construction Industry

If you are behind with your tax returns or if you just need some breathing space to catch up. I can talk to HMRC maybe get a bit more time to bring your business affairs up to date.

With efficient record keeping I can help you keep track of your finances ready for the important decisions and business growth.

I can help you get the most from your self-employment.

Help keep more of your money for you.

Davies Accounts & Book-keeping Services

Established in 1988 Davies Accounts & Book-keeping Services is one of the countries leading accountants and business advisors.

From a self employed and self motivated background you can rest assured Davies Accounts & Book-keeping Services will be giving you and your business the full attention it deserves, taking you forward to a secure financial future.

The Claim is

  • Consideration for you and your company is the first priority,
  • Individuals and companies are given the same commitment.
  • From basic book-keeping to full submission of accounts our claim is, Davies Accounts will not let you down.
  • Davies Accounts are very familiar with the construction industry, if you fall behind with your tax returns or your accounts have become a problem be sure make contact.

Call, see if I can help

  • You are the biggest asset and the most valued client.
  • We keep our cost to you at the bare minimum because.
  • There are no expensive adverts anywhere.
  • Client recommendations are the best source of business.
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